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Little Sage International Preschool is a bilingual preschool in Singapore that offers something no other preschool in Singapore can.  We provide our young students with a happy childhood while building the mindset to live a fulfilling and joyful life.  In the process, we prepare children to become future leaders and cream of the crop in whatever they may pursue by being competitive both locally and globally so they are more prepared than others in school and life.  

We incorporate some of the best teaching elements from around the world to offer an unrivaled global and bilingual immersion program to help children learn subjects, world culture and develop growth mindsets.  The holistic program is designed to help children starting from 18 months to Kindergarten 2 become well-rounded, truly bilingual, and build a strong foundation to embrace differences and the world around them via structured thematic learning.

Our global immersion program combines the best attributes of Singapore, the United States and Greater China, allowing children of any ethnicity to be truly bilingual in English and Chinese, while building cultural affinity to various world cultures.  During the learning process, our children will also build a solid foundation in character, moral values and emotional intelligence that will take them far in living a rewarding life.

Our Reviews

  • positive review  Love the homely environment and outdoor space. The principal Ms Eunice as well as teachers are very warm and responsive. There’re many activities for the kids which are organised for special occasions. Glad to see the progress my child is having there 🙂

    Jane Foo Avatar Jane Foo
  • positive review  We selected “Little Sage International Preschool “ for our little son after spend more than a year keep searching for a good one. Because we found that this school has lots of open areas for play and discovery. Teachers and staffs here are kind and nice. My son have already learnt a lot from the school since he start joining here from last August. Even our only reason to sent him to playgroup just to get him some friends to play with. Finally, we still believe that we choose the right school for our son.

    Sumalee Schwaiger Avatar Sumalee Schwaiger
  • positive review  The best decision Ive made was to entrust my daughter to little sage. Just to share, my Daughter is now 27months old and has a younger Sister who is 3months old. My 27months old has odd behaviours (assuming it’s jealousy of the younger one), and at times we as parents do not know why and how to handle. I’m glad during this period of distress, I have Ms Eunice and her team of dedicated Teachers who are constantly supportive, updating me of her behaviour and assuring me that they will take good care of her in school. It is through the active communication with Ms Eunice that I learn so much more about what my Daughter and her emotional struggles. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

    Elly Hue Avatar Elly Hue
  • positive review  I am very glad to find this school around the neighbourhood. The schools is runs like a family where older and young kids all play together. Teachers are caring and really look after the new kid. More importantly, owner sends his own kid to the school, we believe only people who truly believes what they offer would send their own kids to the school.

    Veronica La Avatar Veronica La

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To excel in life,
we believe in the four principles of SAGE.

We will develop five aspects that will be critical to building a growth mindset, sowing the seeds for the future success of our little sages.

Our Philosophy

At Little Sage International Preschool, we believe to go far in the 21st century, children must have the ability to adapt to and embrace changes and the unforeseen.