Welcome to Little Sage

Little Sage International Preschool is a fully self-owned education group that provides premium infant care and childcare services in Singapore. Our founder started the school for his own children to enjoy a happy childhood while developing a sense of purpose, become well-rounded and extraordinary on a global scale. Simply speaking, this school was designed for children to build a solid foundation to become cream of the crop. This was something he couldn’t find in any other preschool. And that’s how the journey began 5 years ago….

Through real-life experiences, we offer some of the best education concepts the world has that truly matters to academic excellence, lifelong success and happiness to Singaporean children at an affordable price. This is a claim we are proud to make.

Please join us on this incredible journey in raising our little ones together. 

Combining The Best of The Best

While our curriculum prepares children to be more than local primary one ready, we go way beyond that.  We offer the best attributes of the east and west.  We use methodologies on how cream of the crop are being molded around the world.

Global Sense

Our K2 graduates can tell you a story about every continent and are excited to embrace wonders outside of Singapore.

True Bilingualism

Our founder raised his child to speak 4 languages of which 3 are native by the age of 5 using Little Sage’s bilingual programme.  Our graduates are equally confident in both Chinese and English.


Our students start to articulate well starting Pre-Nursery and can formally present by K2

Leader Mindset

True leaders in any setting share common attributes. That’s what we instill in our students.

Cultivating Moral Character and Purpose

Through multitude of practical life experiences, our children embrace the purpose of life, education and financial literacy to make the world a better place and give back to society.

Our School!

Our Reviews

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Virtual Tour of Our Preschools

Little Sage @ 22 Lichi Avenue (Bidadari)

Little Sage @ 16 Pemimpin PL (Bishan)

Little Sage (with Infant Care) @ 33 Jalan Remaja (Hillview)

Little Sage @ 10 Ubi Techpark (Ubi)

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Please contact us on +65 6283 3830 or WhatsApp +65 8525 2582

To excel in life,
we believe in the four principles of SAGE.

We will develop five aspects that will be critical to building a growth mindset, sowing the seeds for the future success of our little sages.

Our Philosophy

At Little Sage International Preschool, we believe to go far in the 21st century, children must have the ability to adapt to and embrace changes and the unforeseen.