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Little Sage International Preschool is a fully self-owned education group that provides premium infant care and childcare services in Singapore. Our founder started the school for his own children to enjoy a happy childhood while developing a sense of purpose, become well-rounded and extraordinary on a global scale. Simply speaking, this school was designed for children to build a solid foundation to become cream of the crop. This was something he couldn’t find in any other preschool. And that’s how the journey began 5 years ago….

Through real-life experiences, we offer some of the best education concepts the world has that truly matters to academic excellence, lifelong success and happiness to Singaporean children at an affordable price. This is a claim we are proud to make.

Please join us on this incredible journey in raising our little ones together. 

Combining The Best of The Best

While our curriculum prepares children to be more than local primary one ready, we go way beyond that.  We offer the best attributes of the east and west.  We use methodologies on how cream of the crop are being molded around the world.

Global Sense

Our K2 graduates can tell you a story about every continent and are excited to embrace wonders outside of Singapore.

True Bilingualism

Our founder raised his child to speak 4 languages of which 3 are native by the age of 5 using Little Sage’s bilingual programme.  Our graduates are equally confident in both Chinese and English.


Our students start to articulate well starting Pre-Nursery and can formally present by K2

Leader Mindset

True leaders in any setting share common attributes. That’s what we instill in our students.

Cultivating Moral Character and Purpose

Through multitude of practical life experiences, our children embrace the purpose of life, education and financial literacy to make the world a better place and give back to society.

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Our School!

Our Online Chinese Language Program


InnoSage is an online platform that teaches children Chinese using some of the best education philosophies and methods from around the world with the luxury of a simple click.

Our Reviews

  • positive review  My daughter started at Little Sage at 5.5 months. As any new parents, we were extremely nervous about it. However, once she started going there, she has developed a great routine and her primary teachers - Ms Doreen, Ms Zheng, Teacher Florence have been an absolute pleasure. They are caring and genuine. We don't regret our decision one bit.

    Maryam Mustan Avatar Maryam Mustan
  • positive review  My Daughter attends the Liche avenue branch for her playgroup. I love how the curriculum of little sage helps to keep kids grounded and teaches them about their surroundings. At little sage they focus on building child’s communication skills and well as gross motor skills in a very fun and interactive way. The teachers are amazing in providing quick updates about the child’s progress and taking interest in the child’s overall development. In today's time of schools being commercialized, I love how little sage has maintained to be a school that is grounded in its cultural setup. Sadly I will have to withdraw her as I will be moving to a different area, hope you can open more branches all over Singapore soon.

    Shruti Tandon Avatar Shruti Tandon
  • positive review  My son has been in Ubi outlet for almost 6 months now. So far, it has been a pleasant experience. What we love about the school - Firstly is it is not air-conditioned which is a priority to us as our son is asthmatic and easily sick. As the Ubi outlet is new, the place is clean and hygiene-wise it is up-kept. The health policy is very strict so we are assured that only healthy children will be allowed to enter the premises. Secondly, updates on activity done in the week is regular on class dojo. I can really see what my son is doing in an update which comprises of collage of pictures and a meaningful write up. I believe the Teachers do take genuine effort to do this for the children and for this we are very appreciative. Most importantly, I can feel my son is comfortable and happy in this school. He is a sensitive boy but in Ubi little sage, my son is quite at ease. I believe this is because he feels safe in the environment rather than having a lost expression after school, my son’s actions shows me that he knows he belongs to this place. This is because the Teachers and Principal are very affectionate towards the kids. They are very experienced in handling children and definitely have a way with them. They were kind and caring towards us. This is the kind of school u want to send ur kids to, somewhere which Teachers are not in a panic rush every day but rather they are calm, composed, understanding and compassionate. They have been exceedingly patient with my son. Despite being potty trained, he had times where he would wet himself still. The Teachers are encouraging and helpful despite the mess it caused. Thank you all for your professionalism. It greatly helps my son in his growing milestone. It is not easy to manage a child, lest to say a class and a school. The Teachers do their best everyday and we are ever grateful. It speaks volumes when my son can tell me “I love Teacher” and “I miss Teacher, he even said “I want Teacher to come to my house. “ Special thanks to Teacher Emily , Ms Jesslyn , Teacher Vim , Lao Shi and Teacher Kash.

    Xialotte Ng Avatar Xialotte Ng
  • positive review  Little Sage International Preschool in Ubi is the very few centres in Ubi area that provides Infant Care service, This is Little Sage's 4th and newest outlet. Met with the School Director and Principle in the midst of their renovation, they gave a very detailed centre walkthrough and introduction of their views and goals towards child learning and development which we couldn't agree more too. As this is a new centre, almost everything is brand new, which is a plus for us cause who doesn't want their LO to use all brand new stuff right? It has infant area, PG area and older kids area, the whole place is very spacious and they even have their own private indoor playground for the kids. My wife immediately fell in love with this centre and hence we decided to proceed with Little Sage Ubi even before visiting other centers for comparison. Our LO was the first infant and first student here when they officially started operation in April 2022, which fortunately our LO gets a 1-1 student teacher ratio. In just one month, we are able to tell that our LO is learning and constantly surprises us with his newly learned tricks. Principle and Teachers here in Ubi branch has been very caring and attentive too. We will always have a short chat of the daily happenings in the evening, sharing some parenting tips before we bring our LO home. It has been about 4 months since our LO is here and we can tell that he look forward to school everyday to meet his teachers and friends。 Did a short Zoom session with the Centre Principle and Ms Emily a few weeks ago to talk about our LO's progression in school. My wife and I both were able to see and feel the passion and love that the teachers has for our LO (probably also because our LO is the student in Ubi centre and the youngest here even until now). Through Ms Emily's sharing with us via the Zoom session, we can tell that her love for our LO is genuine and not those "standard parent reply" kinda sharing, the whole zoom session was fruitful and constructive. Special thanks to Ms Jesslyn and especially Ms Emily(Teacher) for taking such good care of our LO, making our experience with Little Sage a very pleasant one. Even though their fees may be on a higher side, but for the teachers, passion, curriculum and standards, we decided to continue on to PG with Little Sage. For those who are considering Little Sage, rest assured that all your worries and concern will be addressed directly, patiently by the teachers, principle and even the centre director if needed to as they are constantly engaging us every once in awhile for feedbacks.

    Jack Kua Avatar Jack Kua
  • positive review  The teachers and staff create a fun, safe and loving environment and I feel confident leaving my infant with the infant care teachers. Even though my child is still a baby, the staff creates educational and fun activities for my child to help him with his development. The school also sends updates weekly to keep me informed about my child's progress in the school.

    Miracle-joseph Lim Jiayi Avatar Miracle-joseph Lim Jiayi
  • positive review  My kids have been attending Little Sage @ Hillview Remaja since they were 6 months old, and they are now coming to 4yo and 2yo. From infant care to prenursery to now nursery program, the school has consistently delivered high quality care, and what impresses me the most is them inculcating important life skills and values since young. For example, good manners, independence skills, bigger children taking care of younger children and organisation skills. My husband and I are assured that our kids are in good hands. Even when they can be very loud in their tantrums, the staffs patiently and respectfully guided them, and made appropriate adjustment to support their regulation. There is also close communication between the teachers and parents, and we are updated on our kids' progress in a timely, and yet not excessive, manner. Kudos to the very capable principal, ever loving teachers and friendly aunties!

    Teo Huifang Avatar Teo Huifang
  • positive review  Our 21.5 month old son has been with Little Sage @ Hillview since he was 3.5 months, and has recently transitioned from infant care to the PN class. We were initially apprehensive about putting him in infant care at such a young age. However, it didn’t take long for the dedication and attentive care of the infant care teachers to convince us he would be well looked-after. His nap and feeding schedule were adhered to, which helped the adjustment. Under the care of the team at Little Sage @ Hillview, our son enjoys going to school each day and treats it as his 2nd home. The teachers are loving, accommodating and responsive, which help allay the concerns of worried parents who are separated from their children during the work day. The teachers also put in a lot of effort into creative and engaging activities for the children, which is documented by weekly updates in Class Dojo. Since moving to the PN class and attending structured lessons, our son has been improving exponentially in his speech and pronunciation. We are very thankful to have found Little Sage @ Hillview, and continue to look forward to the growth and development of our son under the care of the team there!

    Melissa Guay Avatar Melissa Guay
  • positive review  The management and teachers at Little Sage are kind and nurturing. My son had a wonderful time in this pre-school and special thanks to Chen Laoshi who cultivates the love for mandarin in young kids. My son has a strong Chinese foundation thanks to her.

    Chun Ling Avatar Chun Ling
  • positive review  Amazing school that we found by chance after moving to the area. The small class sizes are great for our super energetic toddler, and we love the curriculum and the bilingual approach and outdoor playground. They also have some great enrichment options as well. Highly recommended!

    Jess Ho Avatar Jess Ho
  • positive review  You have amazing teachers at Little Sage who have gone an extra mile to give a personal touch ♥️ to the development of our little twins 👯‍♀️. They love their preschool, their classmates and most of all the teachers, principal and aunties at your preschool. While it takes a village to raise a child as the saying goes, I believe our children S👶A👶J👶 have brought a village at Little Sage in Sennett Estate 🏡 together 🌈

    Sarjit Singh Avatar Sarjit Singh

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To excel in life,
we believe in the four principles of SAGE.

We will develop five aspects that will be critical to building a growth mindset, sowing the seeds for the future success of our little sages.

Our Philosophy

At Little Sage International Preschool, we believe to go far in the 21st century, children must have the ability to adapt to and embrace changes and the unforeseen.