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    positive review  You have amazing teachers at Little Sage who have gone an extra mile to give a personal touch ♥️ to the development of our little twins 👯‍♀️. They love their preschool, their classmates and most of all the teachers, principal and aunties at your preschool. While it takes a village to raise a child as the saying goes, I believe our children S👶A👶J👶 have brought a village at Little Sage in Sennett Estate 🏡 together 🌈

    Sarjit Singh Avatar Sarjit Singh

    positive review  Would like to thank all staff of the school. Mrs Foo and Ms Lim are very approachable P and VP. My daughter loves going to school and has learnt much. Special thanks to her favourite teachers Ms Koh, Ms Juvi, Su Lao Shi and Chen Lao Shi!

    Yang Yanni Avatar Yang Yanni

    positive review  Highly recommend! Both my daughter and son have a fruitful and happy journey here since their PN. Teachers are patient and responsible. I am very 放心 to put my kids here. Both teachers and principle Mrs Foo are full of love and care to the kids.

    Beiyi Chen Avatar Beiyi Chen

    positive review  My boys have been in Little Sage for more than half a year. It is a great school, my boys were happy and enjoy going to school. The principal and teachers are wonderful, very caring and loving towards the children. Looking forward for my boys to continue grow and learn in the school. Thank you Little Sage!

    Adrian Ong Avatar Adrian Ong

    positive review  I have 2 children who have spent their pre-school years here. My elder child has graduated and he had a smooth transition to Primary 1, all thanks to the preparations given by the school. Under the care of the Teachers, my children have grown to become independent children. I am impressed by the dedication and passion of the Principal and Teachers, always putting children's welfare at the top priority! In terms of academics, I would say the Centre has built a strong learning foundation in my children on all aspects, this is especially so in terms of the Chinese Language. The songs, activities and projects introduced to my children have cultivated their strong interest for the Chinese Language, providing them a strong foundation for their Primary school years. A BIG Thank You to the Principal and the Teachers!

    Huang Xinyi Avatar Huang Xinyi

    positive review  Ms.Koh and Chen liao shi as both shown much dedication and support in enabling Cedric to join in little sage's online zoom classroom. Online lessons were engaging and helps to break HBL learning with participation from new found friends and teachers via online learning platform. As Cedric is going to Primary 1 next year, this outlet in his learning is very much welcome in this COVID-19 period. A BIG Thank you to Ms. Eunice Quek for providing this learning platform! Kudos to the wonderful teachers and new found friends!! #https://www.facebook.com/littlesagebishan/

    Sandra Neo Avatar Sandra Neo

    positive review  Ms.Koh and Chen liao shi as both shown much dedication and support in enabling Cedric to join in little sage's online zoom classroom. Online lessons were engaging and helps to break HBL learning with participation from new found friends and teachers via online learning platform. As Cedric is going to Primary 1 next year, this outlet in his learning is very much welcome in this COVID-19 period. A BIG Thank you to Ms. Eunice Quek for providing this learning platform! Kudos to the wonderful teachers and new found friends!! #https://www.facebook.com/littlesagebishan/

    Sandra Neo Avatar Sandra Neo

    positive review  My child just joined little sage recently, their elearning programme is amazing. My child enjoyed the elearning programme so much. Thank you little sage!

    Irene Goh Avatar Irene Goh

    positive review  Little Sage Bishan has highly passionate and experienced teachers. Two of my children graduated from there and the younger child is in K1. My elder ones are finishing primary school and have been doing well since Primary 1. The teachers are highly reputable in the early childhood industry in Singapore with over 25 years of experience and for being caring and helping children become more than Primary 1 ready. The curriculum is truly holistic as it includes many of the great elements from western education as well. Thank you so much for looking after all my three children!

    Susanna Lee Avatar Susanna Lee

    positive review  Love the homely environment and outdoor space. The principal Ms Eunice as well as teachers are very warm and responsive. There’re many activities for the kids which are organised for special occasions. Glad to see the progress my child is having there 🙂

    Jane Foo Avatar Jane Foo

    positive review  We selected “Little Sage International Preschool “ for our little son after spend more than a year keep searching for a good one. Because we found that this school has lots of open areas for play and discovery. Teachers and staffs here are kind and nice. My son have already learnt a lot from the school since he start joining here from last August. Even our only reason to sent him to playgroup just to get him some friends to play with. Finally, we still believe that we choose the right school for our son.

    Sumalee Schwaiger Avatar Sumalee Schwaiger

    positive review  The best decision Ive made was to entrust my daughter to little sage. Just to share, my Daughter is now 27months old and has a younger Sister who is 3months old. My 27months old has odd behaviours (assuming it’s jealousy of the younger one), and at times we as parents do not know why and how to handle. I’m glad during this period of distress, I have Ms Eunice and her team of dedicated Teachers who are constantly supportive, updating me of her behaviour and assuring me that they will take good care of her in school. It is through the active communication with Ms Eunice that I learn so much more about what my Daughter and her emotional struggles. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

    Elly Hue Avatar Elly Hue

    positive review  I am very glad to find this school around the neighbourhood. The schools is runs like a family where older and young kids all play together. Teachers are caring and really look after the new kid. More importantly, owner sends his own kid to the school, we believe only people who truly believes what they offer would send their own kids to the school.

    Veronica La Avatar Veronica La

    positive review  Sending my twins to Little Sage International is by far one of our best decision ever! My Husband and I went to many rounds of school tours, and it was a “no brainer” to sign them up at their 18th month when we hear the young toddlers in all different nationalities and races reciting Tang poetries together! The school focuses on international teaching yet conforming to the education system in Singapore. This is Super relevant in this age to understand the strength and weaknesses of our world giants; US and China and hopefully how our future generations will learn how to work together peacefully. This is the place all parents would love their children to be in! A place where children regardless of countries, or background, come together in a cosmopolitan space and learn and grow! The principal and teachers are really patient and sweet to them! They have successfully merged all children esp they had 6 pairs of twins in this cohort all together harmoniously. Having said all, the costing is very reasonable and we are so super satisfied with the school!

    Jasmine Teo Avatar Jasmine Teo

    positive review  超级棒的幼儿园!宝宝只有一岁半,在幼儿园里适应的很快,老师很有耐心很亲切,学校的食物都是新鲜的,不用怕防腐剂。学校的设计我超爱,像个小人国的世界,特别可爱,我女儿第一次去就呆在人家迷你洗手池前不走了哈哈哈

    Liu Jiaojiao Avatar Liu Jiaojiao

    positive review  Little Sage international preschool is an excellent choice for my daughter and the teachers and principal were very professional and helpful in her assimilation into school environment. My daughter enjoys the journey to school everyday.

    Joel Chua Avatar Joel Chua

    positive review  My daughter has been attending the school for a month and she enjoys it entirely. Not only she eats and sleeps well in school, she has started asking us to bring her to school every morning. No tears, no fuss and we attribute it to all the kind teachers, staffs and the of course caring principal Ms Eunice. Everyone is meticulous and thoughtful. We appreciate the frequent updates we get from the school. Our daughter has since learnt new social and logical skills since starting school. Highly recommend the school to kids!

    Sonia W L Lim Avatar Sonia W L Lim

    positive review  My kid has joined the school for about 7 months & she loves going to school everyday . The school is homely , very clean with nice outdoor playground & great teachers . Special thanks to the Principal - Ms Eunice & other teachers like Ms Nurul , Yu Laoshi for taking good care of our kids .

    Tracy Nguyen Avatar Tracy Nguyen

    positive review  Glad we made the switch for our daughters to Little Sage as they’ve been so happy since they joined last week. It’s only been 2 weeks but already I can tell my girls enjoy their days there. Love the first impression the centre left on me as they look clean & hygienic, which is top of my priority as a mother since naturally I wish my daughters to learn in a sanitised & safe environment. And I know we made the correct switch as I can see how involved & hands-on the Principal Eunice is, which is equally important in our centre selection. A responsible & dedicated Principal will make a difference in how the centre will progress ahead. Thank you, Eunice for your attention towards my daughters since they’re new. Looking forward to seeing my daughters grow & develop under your centre’s thematic curriculum system.

    Serene Tan Avatar Serene Tan

    positive review  My girl, Kiara started the school when she is 18 months old and it has been past 1 year of wonderful journey with the school. The Teachers, Ms. Eunice, Ms. Nurul and I laoshi has been providing their professionalism, caring and loving attitude. Since she started the school she can express herself very well. Her communication skills improve alot especially her chinese languange. The school area is spacious and very very clean. I love the outdoor area, and since then my girl knows how to skatescooter as well as paddling bicycle! In addition, I love a small little corner house for the reading area and to my surprise my girl loves to read story book and she can tell us a story as well. Other than that is the dancing lesson, sing along sessions that my girl always performs at our home. She really enjoys the school sooo much and I would love to thank you all the teachers that providing her with good attitude and a good learning place and a happy environment to grow up with.. I am really grateful that I choose Little Sage as her learning steps in her life..

    Linda Susilo Avatar Linda Susilo

    positive review  Little Sage Preschool focus on encouraging kids to grow cognitive, physically, socially thru hands on activities, field trips etc...Most important is lots of love ❤️ and attention from all the teachers. My girl enjoys going to school every day. Now she is in P1 and she miss all her great teachers 😊

    Cynthia Cheong Avatar Cynthia Cheong

    positive review  It has been almost 6 months since my girls joined the school. I still remember that in last April when I started searching for a preschool in this Potong Pasir area, I was first attracted by the school’s outdoor facility (which has been renovated recently and became even better), and then was impressed by the professionalism of Ms Eunice who gave my family a lot of attention and suggestion for helping the kids to adapt to a new environment. Thereafter, after my girls spent a few days in the school, I started hearing from them how well other teachers and little friends have been doing with them – apparently they love the teachers and new friends and they even do role play at home to be the teachers they like. From time to time, we can always receive feedback from Ms Eunice about the performance, behaviour and improvement of my girls. I feel so lucky to find this school, and more importantly, my girls love it so much.

    Wu Eric Avatar Wu Eric

    positive review  My kid has been in the school for 6 months. I feel so blessed that I found this school. My kid loves to go school. The teachers and Ms Eunice constantly gave feedback on his progression! The outdoor area is good for kids, not always confine in the house.

    Rain Chong SY Avatar Rain Chong SY

    positive review  Convenient school with great teachers

    Gin Low Avatar Gin Low

    positive review  I feel so blessed that I found and chose Little Sage Preschool. (Was struggling whether to switch school for my child at K2). After spoken to Miss Eunice and she had given me very professional advice and assured me that it's still not too late, better to switch now than my child gets stress in Primary one. On top of that, Miss Eunice projected her professionalism, her compassionate on kids and I felt her sincere and honest connection. This was one of the reason I chose to give Little Sage Preschool a chance. When my child joined for K2, my child was pretty bad in phonics which I was so worried about as I could see my child wasn't well prepared for Primary one by her ex preschool. After joining Little Sage Preschool, Miss Eunice shown her professional teaching. My child's phonics improved a lot, became more outgoing and independent. All praises to Miss Eunice and she did prompt updates to me on my child's progress. I just couldn't think of a word to express my thankfulness to Miss Eunice and Little Sage Preschool. All I could say, Little Sage Preschool is the best school for children to grow in educational and physically. Million thumb up to this school and Miss Eunice, you have been doing your best and you had done a GREAT job in your professionalism. You are the best teacher and principal in the school. In fact you had exceed your duties, you took every child as your own and this is the most creditable point I would like to bring up to you. My child always say, "I love Miss Eunice, because she is patient to teach me and also when I don't understand she will teach and explain to me and I know how to do already, I love Miss Eunice." Keep it up, Little Sage Preschool and Miss Eunice, I will not hesitate to recommend this school to all my friends and neighbours. 🥰😘👍👏

    Shalom Shalom Avatar Shalom Shalom