Our Philosophy 

Uncertainty and Discomfort are Allies that Present Tremendous Opportunity for Those who are Prepared

Uncertainty and discomfort are inevitable.  We at Little Sage applaud these moments as this is when opportunities present themselves, allowing our students who will be well-equipped to capture them and shine when others are not prepared to.

Raising our children is about equipping them with the necessary mindset and skills before they embark on a lifelong journey of unknowns filled with ups and downs. Nobody knows what the world will be like twenty years from now. The only thing parents know is where and how our children begin and certain predefined checkpoints, but will not know where they end up, what they will encounter along the way and how they cope with those encounters. Like navigating at sea, there will be sunny days during which our children can sit back and relax.  During days of inclement weather, however, they will need to retrieve skills from their repository of knowledge and experiences, built starting from their early childhood years, to deal with storms.

Often, the solution may not be in the toolbox, but will be invented ad hoc based on creativity, character, and integrating concepts learned from other experiences.  As parents, we can only do our best to provide them with the resources to build up this repository.  And even if our children are equipped with the best tool box, ultimately when our children fall or manifest fear when facing the eye of the storm, it is up to their mental toughness to stand up tall.

To become cream of the crop, we believe in the four core principles of SAGE.

Strategize – have a plan before taking action

Adapt – adapt to dynamic surroundings

Grit – perseverance and passion for achievement

Eager – eager to learn and improve

Aside from grasping SAGE, our children will develop a growth mindset.

High moral standards and positive attitude.

Combining these elements, our Little Sages will seek to excel for themselves, not for others, so learning plus improvement in all aspects of life will be self-motivated and lifelong.