What Makes Us Better Than Others

We offer something no other preschool in Singapore can 

Little Sage International Preschool not only prepares students to be more than P1 ready, but also to get ahead in whatever they may endeavor anywhere in the world.  We combine the best of the best attributes from various parts of the world to nourish future leaders starting  foundational years.  We can offer this because our senior management graduated from 3 of the top 4 universities that produce the wealthiest graduates in the world – Harvard, University of Pennsylvania and Columbia, as well as having been entrepreneurs and senior executives in corporations around the world.  Though we have achieved certain milestones academically and professionally, we are most proud of having trained many young adults to excel and even go beyond their dreams in different parts of the world along our journey.  Now we are offering that approach to preschoolers.

We know how to teach preschoolers the recipe to success in school and the real world while children enjoy their experience

We offer a unique and unrivaled global and bilingual immersion program to teach children subjects and world culture via thematic approach.  Moreover, our students will be more independent and optimistic than peers and build general knowledge that other students will not.  They will have stronger emotional intelligence and be instilled with moral values that will shape their character for life.  We teach them the ultimate objective in achieving a fulfilling and successful life is to share with those less fortunate and contribute back to society.  Our program is designed by highly qualified Singaporean early-childhood educators coupled with senior management of high pedigree with strong background in teaching and coaching around the world.  For twenty years they competed with the cream of the crop by having worked in various industries assuming senior leadership positions at prominent organizations across five continents.

More than Primary 1 ready but to become cream of the crop

Our program helps children become well-rounded, truly bilingual, and build a strong foundation to embrace differences and the world around them.  More importantly, our unique immersion program helps children enjoy learning, which is why they will have a head start in life.  We focus tremendously on developing a solid foundation for strong emotional intelligence (EQ), moral values and growth mindset in an experiential manner so they have the nimbleness to adapt to and embrace changes in the future.  We have a large outdoor play area equipped with a variety of amenities as well as carefully curated complimentary enrichment programs for all-around development.

Mastery of Multiple Languages

Our management team comprises fluent speakers of multiple languages. They personally experienced the challenges of learning multiple foreign languages from scratch but were able to master them, capitalizing on their language fluency to assimilate into various cultures and assume senior leadership roles across the globe. As a result, there is no better preschool in Singapore that fully understands the challenges children encounter and what they need to overcome while learning a foreign language. Learning a language is more than just hiring native teachers to teach language classes, but requires a comprehensive understanding of children psychology and definitive yet customized plan to cope with a dynamic environment. Therefore, our management personally tailored our bilingual immersion program for young children of any ethnicity to effectively master English and Chinese to help them get ahead for either local school or international school.

Our senior management left their jobs to dedicate full time to Little Sage to ensure children’s interests is our number one priority

Recognizing grooming children to be next generation global leaders is a challenge that must start from early childhood education and requires more effort than a full – time job, our management team left their jobs to dedicate fully to Little Sage.  Little Sage was established out of passion for young children, unwavering commitment to premium education and high standards where our founders’ children matriculate here starting their first day of school.  Unlike many other preschools that focus on profitability, we always ensure our students’ interests come first.

Therefore, you can rest assured that we will never stop working hard to look after your little ones and to maximize your child’s happiness and potential to succeed in school and the real world.