Our Unrivaled Curriculum

Only preschool in Singapore that combines the best of the best attributes from various parts of the world from top academic institutions to numerous real life success cases

Our programs start from 18 months to Kindergarten 2.  Our holistic curriculum covers multiple aspects of your child’s development that will help your child develop a growth mindset and lead to a positive attitude towards life.  With a curriculum based on decades of proven research and real life experiences of senior executives who have led teams across five continents, there is no better preschool in Singapore that knows and can effectively teach the recipe to success in school and the real world.  We can confidently claim we integrate the best of the best attributes of various parts of the world without your child having to leave Singapore.

This unique combination begets an unrivaled curriculum that develops a solid foundation to help your child become globally competitive and maximize their intelligent quotient (IQ) and emotional quotient (EQ) necessary to excelling in the 21st century.

Academically Robust

We have a proven track record of preparing children academically for local primary one.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the key to long term success and happiness but is often not taught in school

This aspect of the curriculum is specially designed by our senior management team who have founded businesses, coached and helped budding and proven senior executives across multiple continents attain their goals and overcome adversity. Our approach is based on empirical evidence of countless success and not so successful case studies.

We instill in young children a growth mindset by cultivating the following:

  • Grit
  • Adapt
  • To fall and stumble is the prerequisite to getting up and reaching the finish line
  • Courage to embrace setbacks
  • Getting children out of comfort zone
  • To lead


Critical Thinking is about making decisions to deal with the unforeseen

Our children are taught to use their knowledge to solve problems and come up with ideas. Children are challenged with open ended situations so they can use their imagination and form their own opinion. We achieve this via:

  • Asking the right questions
  • Presentations and discussions
  • Other stimulating exercises

Language Immersion is key to bilingualism

We teach English as if our children is learning the language in the United States or United Kingdom with other native English speakers just as we teach Chinese as if they are learning it in China with other native Chinese speakers.  This is how we fully immerse them.  They will receive substantial exposure to both so they can naturally incorporate both languages into their daily activities without even being aware of it.  As children progress through our programs, we find the right balance to apply English and Chinese to multi-cultural performing arts, humanities subjects, physical education and other interactive activities.  We make learning languages fun and effective.

Global Immersion with Thematic Learning fosters lifelong learners and expands young children’s minds 

As we rotate through various themes throughout the year, we incorporate a relevant global element to each theme which is thoughtfully created based on the personal international experience of our coordinators. Every child loves, looks forward to and remembers profoundly about going on trips and adventures. We turn learning into an exciting world adventure so children can enjoy the learning process. This naturally and effectively piques their interest while reinforcing what they need to know to be more than P1 ready and equips them with practical knowledge and character to give them a head start in life.  From this, young children will:

  • Get an early glimpse of the real world outside of Singapore
  • Understand the world is teeming with opportunities and differences
  • Embrace rather than fear differences
  • Explore the world without leaving Singapore to make learning in preschool enjoyable and adventurous

Moral Character

We nourish kindness, integrity, thankfulness and generosity through real life experiences.

Entrepreneurship and Money Awareness are important life skills but often not taught in school

We teach children money needs to be earned through hard work. Children learn to run a business, manage teams and the concept of money. This is designed by our Founder who is a seasoned investor, entrepreneur and executive coach.

Sage Sports – Structured outdoor play with a defined purpose

To take full advantage of our abundant outdoor area and resources, we ensure the outdoor time is to not only develop their gross motor skills and explore the environment, but more importantly, to also develop their physical and mental strength. Via exercises and abundance of fun activities, our Sage Sports program naturally spurs them to learn discipline, patience, collaboration, and compete with themselves and classmates in an amicable manner.  A meaningful part of character and EQ building occurs outdoors.

Sage Rhythm – A lively and exciting way to learn music

An in-house program that is designed to let young children incorporate rhythm and music into their every day lives. Please click SAGE Rhythm for more details.

Thoughtfully Curated Enrichment Programs

We have programs throughout the week that further enhance the holistic development of your child.