Our Story

My wife and I have been expatriates for most of our lives and decided to settle in Singapore.  During our journey around the world, we interacted with countless preschools in Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom and Greater China. We couldn’t find one preschool in Singapore that we believe can help our two little ones, who are about to commence preschool, achieve one simple mission – enjoy a happy childhood and build a positive attitude towards life as they prepare to be globally competitive with a chance to thrive anywhere in the world.  We didn’t want our children to only know how to fit into one system or pedagogy because there are many paths to living a fulfilling life.

We recognize the importance of early childhood education because one’s personality, emotional intelligence and language ability are mostly formed by the age of 6.  As achieving our mission is more than a full time job, we both gave up our full-time careers to dedicate ourselves entirely to Little Sage International Preschool with highly experienced, capable, and passionate Singaporean early-childhood educators.  Our children have enrolled there since they turned 18 months.

As we had graduated from top universities in the world and went on to be senior executives at prominent global organizations around the world, advising adolescents how to prepare for top universities, training young adults how to build a flourishing career from day one to watching them become senior executives, selecting nascent entrepreneurs whom I think would succeed, and coaching other senior leaders how to overcome obstacles in their businesses have become part of our routine.  Without relying merely on research, we already have abundant empirical evidence to know proven methods, attributes and philosophy that have made people thrive globally.  Moreover, my wife has been a math teacher for all ages around the world for the last 8 years after holding senior positions in global technology corporations in the United States.  Ultimately, our team is committed to not only prepare children academically to be more than Primary 1 ready, but to succeed beyond their imagination in the real world.

Together, with unwavering dedication and confidence, our seasoned team of educators will build a solid foundation for young children to take with them for the rest of their lives.