Own Your Business

We are growing!

Why join our family?

  • Our unrivaled curriculum is based on international best practices, years of research and empirical evidence of why children grow up to become leaders and cream of the crop at what they do
  • Provide guidance on initial setup, obtaining license and staffing
  • Ensure teachers are given full and recurring training
  • Well-established infrastructure and guidelines
  • Shared advertising resources

Why we can help you succeed?

  • Not only are we seasoned preschool operators, but we have also built successful businesses in other industries and countries
  • We are executive coaches who train people to become C-Suite executives. We will coach you along the way to be the CEO of your own company
  • We take a minority equity stake in your company to align our interest to ensure we go through ups and downs together

Who is our ideal partner?

We are looking for people who are passionate about education and committed long-term to building a business of your own. Please contact admin@littlesagepreschool.com.sg and visit https://littlesagepreschool.com.sg/en/.