Our Infant Care

Our infant care program is for children aged 2 to 17 months. Hygiene and safety is our highest priority. As we strongly believe infants start to learn and absorb a tremendous amount of knowledge shortly after they are born, we have in place a proven and structured timetable and curriculum starting infant years. Our founder was able to raise his children to be fluent in 4 languages (with 3 mother tongues) by the age of 5 due to training since infant years using the Little Sage approach. By the time our infants attend childcare, they are more disciplined, ready and focused than their peers. This is a claim we are proud to make.

Our holistic curriculum covers multiple aspects of an infant development.

Bilingual Program

Our well-respected and robust bilingual programme starts in infant years.

Emotional Intelligence

Learn to deal with tantrums, mood swings, and setbacks.

Focus and Discipline

Starts with following our unique and proven routine and timetable.

Trial and

Explore the world with love and support.

Multiple Sensory

Variety of fun activities including music, art, and motor skill development.